Wednesday, August 24, 2011

God's beautiful creation- at its finest!

This, my friends, is the beautiful and absolutely spectacular Mt. Rainier. Mt. Rainier is an active volcano, about 40 miles outside of Washington.
From the plane, as we were almost closing in on Seattle, peaked the tip of this beautiful mountain. Over the past week I have been visiting my cousins in Tacoma, Washington, and let me tell you, it's been quite a trip! If someone were to visit New York City, Philadelphia, or Washington D.C., most of the sights they saw would be man made. However, in the state of Washington, most of the sightseeing areas are God's beautiful creation, such as this volcano. I had the chance to travel to Hurricane Ridge, a mountain range close to the Puget Sound. That was also quite a spectacular scene to see!
As we've been visiting these different places, i've been literally overcome by God's amazing majesty and power! Today, as I climbed up the trail to see a better view of Mt. Rainier, (and as I lost almost all oxygen climbing up that steep incline. Yes- I am quite out of shape) I could not believe how beautiful this mountain was. Snow- in AUGUST?!? Snow in August is not a normal sight that I have the blessing to see coming from the East Coast. After I hiked and took some photos, and also thought about how I would die in an instant if the mountatin decided to erupt that very instant, we drove along to a lake at the bottom of the mountain. As we went along the road, there was a look out for taking pictures. It was a beautiful lookout- showing a gorgeous view of mountains beyond. I have to tell you- my breathe caught in my throat. And it made me literally just want to either dance, sing, or just fall on my hands and knees and praise the God who created such an Awe-some thing. God is so much more powerful that we puny humans. We think we're so great and all, and as shown yesterday, all God really has to do is send an even bigger earthquake to Virginia, and I'm sure there would be repercussions. God is so big, and he deserves our praise. And I think that this mountain shows that more than a mere human could ever, in a million years, display.

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